Rate of Work

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences awards 4 credits to a semester-long course and does not assign extra credit granted for courses with laboratory work. The normal rate of work is 16 credits per term, at least 4 credits of which must be taken for degree credit and a letter grade and offered by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Courses taken in the Graduate School of Education under UTEP may be substituted for a letter-graded course in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

Ordinarily, students may take 20 (5 courses, 4 credits per course) credits each term. Students wishing to take more than 20 credits in a term must obtain the approval of their Allston Burr Assistant Dean or Resident Dean of Freshmen. Freshmen who wish to take more than 16 credits (4 courses, 4 credits per course) in their first term must obtain the approval of their Resident Dean of Freshmen. Students may not enroll in more than 24 credits (6 courses, 4 credits per course) in one term without Administrative Board approval.

Ordinarily, no student may work at a rate less than necessary to maintain a yearly average rate of 32 credits passed (i.e., by the end of freshman year, at least 32 credits completed; by the end of sophomore year, at least 64 credits completed; and by the end of junior year, at least 96 credits completed). By taking extra courses, students may accumulate credit that may be used to reduce their rate of work in a subsequent term or terms, provided that the overall average rate of 32 credits per year is maintained. Freshmen who wish to complete fewer than 16 credits per term must obtain the approval of their Resident Dean of Freshmen. Students who do not proceed toward the degree at a satisfactory rate are subject to Administrative Board action, including denial of permission to register for subsequent terms.

Tuition Charges

Tuition adjustment for those permitted to work at less than the normal rate will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the Administrative Board. No remission of tuition is allowed when a student has been excluded from a course (see The Grading System and Exclusion from a Course).

A student who takes more than 16 credits in any term and who uses the extra course(s) to accelerate progress toward the degree will be charged for each extra four credit course thus used. These charges are billed after the student applies for the degree, at the tuition rate prevailing in the term when the final course work for the degree was completed (see Acceleration).

Visiting Undergraduate Students will be charged at a per-course rate.  Courses dropped or withdrawn will be charged on a pro-rated term following the tuition refund schedule for students withdrawing from the University.

Residence Requirement

No student will be recommended for the AB or SB degree without having completed at least as many terms in residence at Harvard as would have been required had the student worked continuously at a sixteen credit (4 courses per term, 4 credits per course) rate. A student who has completed degree requirements in fewer terms than would have been required had he or she worked continuously at the sixteen credit rate may petition the Allston Burr Assistant Dean for waiver of the residence requirement. If this petition is granted, the student may be charged extra course fees (see Acceleration).