Tuition and Fees 2016-2017



Students taking more than four courses (16 credits) per term as part of an accelerated degree program may incur additional tuition charges; see Rate of Work and Acceleration. Students granted an Additional Term pay tuition at a per course rate (see Additional Term).


Student Health Fee


Student Health Insurance Plan

Blue Cross Blue Shield Hospital/Specialty and OptumRx Prescription Drug Coverage

Students may be eligible to waive one or both parts of HUSHP coverage. Waiver requests must be submitted online by July 31 for the fall term or full academic year and by January 31 for the spring term. For more information, visit


Room Rent


Student Services Fee


Charged to all students (including students studying out of residence during the term for Harvard degree credit).




Undergraduate Council Student Activities Fee


A fee charged to all students to fund the Undergraduate Council will be used for Council operations and to fund undergraduate organizations (see UC Student Activities Fee). In order to waive the Undergraduate Council Student Activities Fee, students must write a letter requesting a waiver of the fee and mail or deliver it to:  Harvard Student Accounts Office, 953 Smith Campus Center, 1350 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA  02138 by September 30th for the Fall semester. For students returning from leave in the Spring semester, the letter requesting a waiver must be received by February 28th of the spring semester.