Extension of Time for Written or Laboratory Work

Students who encounter unexpected difficulties in completing their work should immediately consult their Allston Burr Assistant Dean or Resident Dean of Freshmen.

Extensions of time up to the end of the Examination Period may be granted by the instructor. Ordinarily, the student must have received the consent of the instructor before the final examination (or before the final meeting of a course in which there is no final examination). No instructor may accept work from a student in any term after the end of the Examination Period without the express authorization of the Administrative Board.

An extension of time beyond the end of the Examination Period can be granted only by vote of the Administrative Board and only in exceptional circumstances. A student who, for medical reasons, fails during any term to complete the required work in a course, including laboratories, problem sets, or papers, may petition the Administrative Board through the Allston Burr Assistant Dean or Resident Dean of Freshmen for an extension of time commensurate with the time missed to make up the work.

Students granted extensions of time beyond the end of the Examination Period and/or makeup examinations in two or more courses will not be allowed to register for the next term except by special permission of the Administrative Board. Students granted an extension of time are not eligible to receive the degree until after final grades have been reported for all of their courses.

The notation “Incomplete” (INC), used in the grading of graduate students, cannot under any circumstances be given to undergraduates. In those cases where the Administrative Board has in advance voted approval of an extension of time, the temporary notation EXT will be made for the duration of the extension voted by the Administrative Board. EXT is only a temporary notation; a final grade must be given upon the expiration of the extension as approved by the Administrative Board or if additional time is not granted by the Administrative Board.