Offices, Lockers, Mailboxes


Harvard College values and supports the presence and contributions of recognized student organizations. The College provides over 50,000 square feet of space in the Student Organization Center at Hilles (SOCH) to facilitate the productive work of Harvard College ISOs and to encourage collaboration among them. The SOCH offers student organization offices, lockers, and mailboxes. ISOs at the College are eligible to apply for SOCH space through an allocation process held each spring semester. All offices and lockers are allocated by the Dean of Students Office with the understanding that:

  • Rooms/lockers will be kept neat and clean.
  • There will be no unnecessary noise or actions that might disturb other occupants or those in surrounding buildings or in the street, office, or Cambridge neighborhood nearby.
  • Organizations will abide by the regulations of the Dean of Students Office as described on the websites of the Dean of Students Office and the SOCH.
  • Students with authorized access to individual offices must be registered members of that organization, as well as enrolled students of Harvard College.
  • Organizations may not allow other groups or individuals to use the rooms/lockers assigned to them without the written permission of the Dean of Students Office.
  • No office/locker keys may be duplicated without the permission of the Dean of Students Office.
  • Organizations will not hold the University responsible for property stored in their offices that is stolen or damaged.
  • Personal items belonging to individual students will not be stored in office spaces during summer breaks or any time during the academic year.
  • Alcohol is not allowed in student organization offices or storage spaces located in the SOCH or first-year dormitories.
  • Private parties may not be held in student organization offices.
  • Mailboxes are available in the SOCH by request for recognized organizations. Officers of the group will be expected to pick up mail regularly from their assigned box.
  • An organization that violates the above regulations may lose its assigned office space/locker/mailbox and/or be subject to disciplinary action by the Student Engagement team of Harvard College.