Course Registration

Prior to registering for courses, students must meet with their first-year student adviser, sophomore adviser, or concentration adviser. After the meeting, the adviser will release the advising hold. Students officially register for courses by submitting them online at my.harvard. Registration is not complete until students have enrolled in their minimum required course load – typically 16 credits – and any required petitions for cross-registration or Independent Study have been approved (students need to submit their petitions after receiving approval to enroll in courses; the final step belongs to the student).

Course registration may be held for a variety of reasons, such as unpaid term bills, immunization, or meeting with adviser. Failure to clear the hold by the course registration deadline is not a legitimate reason for a late fee waiver. Students should visit my.harvard to see what holds may exist on their student account that may prevent them from registering for courses. Financial holds indicate that students must clear their accounts with the Student Financial Services Office before being allowed to register. A medical hold usually requires the submission of further immunization documentation to Medical Records at Harvard University Health Services. The International Office may also place a hold on the registration of a foreign student if the proper credentials have not yet been presented to that office. Holds may also be placed if a student has a disciplinary case pending before the Administrative Board, or for other reasons as indicated in my.harvard. Students should contact the appropriate office and make arrangements to clear the hold.

Course registration deadlines appear in the Academic Calendar. A student who fails to register for courses on time with the minimum required course load (typically 16 credits) will incur a charge of $40 per week until they are fully enrolled. Students who fail to register for a minimum required course load are subject to disciplinary action and may be placed on an involuntary leave of absence. Ordinarily, no students, including those who have not been able to clear holds for financial reasons, will be allowed to register for courses after the second Friday following the course registration deadline. Students enrolling after the course registration deadline will need to follow the “add” process, meaning that the permission of each instructor is required. After the fifth Monday of the term, the Administrative Board's approval is also required. The deadline to change the grading basis of a course to Pass/Fail or back to Letter Grade is the fifth Monday of the term.

It is the responsibility of students to confirm their course enrollment for that term. A student is considered registered only for those courses listed in My Classes on my.harvard for the current term. A student may not sign any other person’s name or initials, or falsify in any way, a Plan of Study, change-of-course petition, registration form, or any other official form or petition, hard copy or electronic. Violation of this rule makes the student subject to disciplinary action, including requirement to withdraw.