The ability to express one’s views regarding religion is a significant freedom of speech that the College upholds. In some instances, this type of expression becomes an avenue for persuasion to affiliate with a particular religion. Discussion in this vein is prohibited when the educational and work environment of an individual or the community is jeopardized. Harassment is defined as actions on the part of an individual or group which demean or abuse another individual because of religious beliefs or that continue after the affected individual has requested a termination of that type of discussion. In all instances in which a particular religion sponsors an event or discussion, the individual or group initiating such contact must clearly identify its sponsorship or the sectarian religious nature of its agenda.

On occasion, students have expressed concerns about feeling pressure to join a particular religious organization. The Harvard Chaplains, the interfaith association of chaplains at Harvard, are attuned to some of the issues related to religious recruitment through high-pressure tactics and can offer suggestions for intervention and prevention. More information is available in the Harvard Chaplains Office (617-495-5529) located in the basement of the Memorial Church.