Standards of Conduct in the Harvard Community

The rules and regulations affecting undergraduates have been established by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Students are expected to be familiar with those regulations covered in this Handbook that apply to them. The rules of Harvard College provide a framework within which all students are free to pursue their work, under the safest and most equitable conditions the College can create. These rules, then, serve as the guidelines forming the protection of each individual’s well-being. Whenever violations of the rules occur, the College will treat them as matters of serious concern because they disrupt the individual lives of students, and the shared life of this community.

It is the expectation of the College that all students, whether or not they are on campus or are currently enrolled as degree candidates, will behave in a mature and responsible manner. This expectation for mature and responsible conduct also encompasses accountability for one’s own well-being, including responsible decision-making regarding physical and mental health. Further, the College expects every student to be familiar with the regulations governing membership in the Harvard community, set forth in the pages that follow. Because students are expected to show good judgment and use common sense at all times, not all kinds of misconduct or behavioral standards are codified here. The College takes all these diverse principles very seriously; together they create a foundation for the responsible, respectful society that Harvard seeks to foster among its students, faculty, and staff.

Careful note should be taken that the University is not, and cannot be considered as, a protector or sanctuary from the existing laws of the city, state, or federal government.