Use of Harvard University Trademarks

The Use of Harvard University’s Trademarks (Names and Insignia)

The Trademark Program ( is charged with the protection and licensing of Harvard’s trademarks worldwide and the administration of the University’s internal Use-of-Name policies and guidelines. The office also provides advice to members of the Harvard community on a wide range of trademark-related issues.

In its protection efforts, the office registers Harvard’s various trademarks and works to stop their unauthorized use around the world. Through its domestic and international licensing endeavors, the office licenses the University’s trademarks (e.g., Harvard, Harvard University, Harvard College, Harvard Medical School, HBS, Harvard Football, the VERITAS shield, etc.) to qualified companies to produce a variety of insignia items; proceeds from the sales of these items are provided to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences for undergraduate financial aid. The office also administers Harvard’s Use-of-Name policies, which were established by the University to ensure that the Harvard name and insignias are used appropriately and accurately by the University community and in accordance with the principles contained in the policies.

All Harvard student group names incorporating any of the University’s trademarks are owned by the President and Fellows of Harvard College (Harvard University) and are used by permission of the University. In addition, the use of any of Harvard’s shields/logos by student groups is by permission of the University. Also, any use of Harvard’s names/logos by student groups or students must comply with all relevant University policies, including the policy on the Use of Harvard Names and Insignias.