Year-Long Courses

Year-long Courses

A small number of course offerings in FAS are year-long, which means that they extend from September to May and ordinarily count for eight credits. Year-long courses, such as certain senior tutorials and first-year language courses, are considered indivisible, which means a student must successfully complete the entire year-long course in order to earn credit and they ordinarily may not be divided midyear with credit.

Year-long Courses

Students who enroll in the fall term for a year-long course will be auto-enrolled for the second part of the course in the spring and may not drop the course after the fifth Monday of the fall term. Students will be granted a midyear grade for the course at the end of the fall term with a notation that it is a midyear grade.  Upon completion of the spring term the fall grade will be replaced on the transcript with the spring grade and that grade will be used to calculate the GPA.

Year-long courses are subject to the drop and withdrawal deadlines of the fall term.

Suspending Credit

Should a student need to leave a year-long course at the end of one term and plan to complete the second half at a later date they may, with the permission of the instructor, suspend the first half until the course is completed. The deadline for filing a petition to suspend is the seventh Monday of the subsequent term. A student may take the second half of the course at a later time and the suspended grade for the fall will be replaced by the spring term grade of the second half of the course. In some cases when the faculty member of either iteration of the course deems it appropriate, the student may be required to divide the course with credit as opposed to suspending it.

Any suspended course that has not been completed or divided for credit by the seventh Monday of the student’s final term in residence will automatically be converted to Withdraw by the Registrar.

Dividing with Credit at Midyear

Students may only divide a year-long course with half (ordinarily 4 credits) credit with the written consent of the instructor and the approval of the Registrar.  Students should consult the Registrar’s Office for additional information about this option. No student shall be allowed to divide with credit after the fifth Monday of the spring term.

Leaving a Year-Long Course at Midyear Because of Absence from the College

When a student who is enrolled in a year-long course leaves the College at midyear, the Registrar automatically suspends the course if the student has earned a passing midyear grade. If the student has a failing midyear grade, the student will be withdrawn from the course; however, the failing grade makes the student’s record for that term unsatisfactory, and the student will be subject to academic review by the Administrative Board. Upon return to the College, the student may change an automatic suspend to a withdrawal.

Changing Letter-Graded or Pass/Fail Status

The fall term grading status of a year-long course may be changed up to the fifth Monday of the fall term. A student who is enrolled in a year-long course during the fall term may change the grading status of that course for the spring term by filing an appropriate change-of-grade petition by the fifth Monday of the spring term. Pass/Fail grading status always requires the instructor’s permission. When the grading status of a year-long course is different for the fall and spring terms, the midyear grade will appear on the transcript as a fall term (4 credit) grade.