The Department of the Classics offers a secondary field in Classical Civilizations for students wishing to explore an interest in Greco-Roman antiquity and its reception in the medieval and modern periods. The Classical Civilizations secondary field provides both a general introduction to the Greek and/or Roman world and the opportunity to pursue particular interests in greater depth. 

REQUIREMENTS: 5 courses (20 credits) 

One semester of either Classical Studies 97a or Classical Studies 97b. 

Four additional courses from among those listed under Classics in the course search (including cross-listed courses). Other courses may be counted with approval of the Director of Undergraduate Studies. 


No more than two courses in Modern Greek may count toward the secondary field in Classical Civilizations. Note that Modern Greek A and B are full-year courses and thus each count as two such courses. 

One course may be taken Pass/Fail. 


Students interested in pursuing a secondary field in Classical Civilizations should contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Professor Jared M. Hudson (