The Department of Music offers one secondary field designed to be flexible enough to accommodate a broad range of interests. Students are free to explore the field by selecting a variety of courses, or they may focus on a specific aspect of the larger field. 

REQUIREMENTS: 5 courses (20 credits) 

Any five courses selected from among the courses offered in Music (including Gen Ed courses and Freshman Seminars taught by Music Department faculty), with the exceptions noted below: 

  • No more than two courses may be selected from Gen Ed Courses, Freshman Seminars, Music 1 through 9, and 20 through 49. 
  • A repeatable course may count only once under a given number (repeatable courses are labeled ‘r’ after their course number, so you can take 190r and 191r but not 190r twice). 
  • No more than one course may be selected from Music 10 through 18 (which may be graded SAT/UNSAT). 
  • Courses counting for secondary field credit may not be taken Pass/Fail, other than one Freshman Seminar (graded SAT/UNS) and one ensemble (Music 10 through 18). 


Courses taken abroad or in the summer school can be counted in the secondary field only with the permission of the department, normally granted only after the course has been completed. 


Students pursuing a secondary field are urged to seek out members of the Music department faculty for advice on their specific course choices. For general information about the department, its faculty, and courses visit the department website

For more information on the secondary field and for advising, please speak to the Director of Undergraduate Studies (Professor Richard K. Wolf,, or the current Undergraduate Coordinator in the Music Building (617-384-9507).