The Harvard Statistics Department has always had a strong methodological and application-oriented focus, and it has consequently attracted students with their primary focus in another discipline, such as Psychology, Economics, Sociology, Government, Earth and Planetary Sciences, or Biology (both OEB and MCB). These students aim to gain a solid background in statistics so that they can apply it in their primary field or fields of interest. 

REQUIREMENTS: 4 courses (16 credits) 

  1. Statistics 110: Introduction to Probability. 
  2. Statistics 111: Introduction to Theoretical Statistics. 
  3. Two additional courses in Statistics, with course numbers above 111. Statistics 109, Computer Science 109A, Computer Science 109B, Computer Science 181 (or Computer Science 281), and MCB 112 can also be counted toward this requirement. 


All courses must be letter-graded and taken during the academic year. Harvard Summer School courses do not count toward the requirements. Courses taken during study abroad would not normally count toward the secondary field requirements. A minimum grade of C is required in all secondary field courses. 

Mathematics preparation including multivariable calculus and linear algebra at the level of Mathematics 19A and 19B or equivalent or above (such as Mathematics 21A for multivariable calculus and Mathematics 21B for linear algebra) is a prerequisite for many Statistics courses numbered 110 and above. 


Interested students should contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Professor Joseph Blitzstein ( or the Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies, Professor Kevin Rader (, who serve as advisers for the secondary field in Statistics, and the Student Programs Administrator, Kathleen Cloutier, Science Center 400E (617-496-1402, Further information is available on the Statistics concentration webpage at